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Photos and map updated

Check out our photos – – we now have uploaded up to the end of Tibet.

And our the google map of our route is up-to-date –

You can always find links to these at the bottom of the main page – just scroll all the way down!

Finally, if you are feeling generous this Christmas, you can always donate to the Bhopal Medical Appeal –


We have reached our target!!

Very quick. Having set out to raise 500 pounds for the Bhopal Medical Appeal (, we have now reached it. Thank-you to everyone who has given money – whether that was 5 pounds or a hundred, it is all hugely appreciated.

However, if you were planning on donating, please don’t let our success stop you. I have always thought it would look nice to see 110% or more. So if you haven’t already, please visit

One other update. At the bottom of our page you will see a link to our google map. This tracks all the places that we have stopped at (as well as most the places the Trans-Siberian stopped at). We’re trying to update this regularly.

Hopefully there will also soon be a link to our flickr site with all our photos there – so watch this space (I’ve always wanted to say that).

Fundraising Appeal

Now that you’re interested in our journey, we would like to remind you that through our overland adventure we are trying to raise some money for the Bhopal Medical Appeal ( We are headed to the Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal once we get to India.
Please support our trip by giving a donation, however small. We have a modest target of 500 pounds which we have almost reached!
Check out


One of the places we’ll be staying on our journey is the Sambhavna Clinic, in Bhopal, India.

Human-caused climate change is increasingly proving itself to be the greatest environmental and humanitarian disaster facing civilisation. Climate change is the reason that we have chosen to make this journey overland rather than by flying. It is the same profit-driven interests which are perpetuating climate devastation which allowed the gas leak in Bhopal to occur in 1984, killing over 25,000 people and affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands. See for more details.

The Sambhavna Clinic, situated in the worst affected area of Bhopal, is the only centre offering free and rational treatment to anyone who might need it. The work they do is absolutely necessary and completely incredible.

We will volunteer there for at least a month to offer any help that we can, but we understand that most people do not have the time to offer their voluntary services. Therefore please support us in our low-carbon efforts by donating to the Bhopal Medical Appeal, which funds the Sambhavna Clinic.

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