Although Josh and I have now left you hanging for months, you might have realised that we have both arrived safely back in London. From Sega we journeyed to the Czech Republic, taking in much beer in Ceske Budejovice (Budweis) and chilling out in Prague, before heading to Paris to gorge ourselves on cheese, wine and art galleries.

Overall, we visited twenty-four countries, through eight different time zones, taking just under nine months, twenty-seven days of which were spent hitch-hiking. Our map, now complete, is here:,38.671875&spn=32.8112,93.076172

Since returning, we have both plunged into anti-cuts stuff (, we’ve visited the site at Dale Farm (, Josh has found himself a football team to play with and I’ve become enraged at the political sentencing of protestors through my support work with the Green and Black Cross ( Josh has bagged himself a job working at his old secondary school, and I’m preparing to launch into a Masters in September. We’re settling down, in other words.

As well as this, we’ve been looking into getting the blog published as a ringbound book with photos. Having liaised with a friend of mine who runs a green printing press in Oxford, it seems that each copy will cost around £4.50. Please write a comment if you would like a (Limited Edition!) copy.