It’s now one week until we leave on the first leg of our journey. Josh has started dreaming about forgetting to pack things already, so I thought it was time to start the blog! We’ve found good travel insurance, collected visas, been jabbed and variously vaccinated, photocopied every single piece of documentation we have at least twice, accumulated many different currencies, investigated routes, bought SO much stuff from antihistemine cream to new walking boots, signed up to CouchSurfing, and done one dry run of packing already (following the advice that if you stuff four toilet rolls in your rucksack then not only will you have loo roll when you really need it, but once it’s used you’ll have more space when it turns out you really need that as well!).

Once we’ve said goodbye to friends and relations, it will be nearly time for us to go. First stop: Utrecht (a RailSail ticket from London to any Dutch station is only £35) via Harwich, a ferry, and the Hook of Holland.